My colleague Avanish Raut and I have spoken about Event Driven Integration on our talk titled “Distributing Events in the Real World” in the EDA Summit 2021

My colleague Rajesh Prasad and I have written a post on crafting an application integration strategy for mergers and acquisitions.

How does Hasura support RESTful data sources? Instead of Postgres can I point to a RESTful endpoint and follow the same approach detailed in this article?

I have written an article along with Kishore Chavakula of Boomi on how Wipro’s Digital Integration as a Service solution can be used with Dell Boomi to modernize integrations.

I have authored a short article on Cloud trends for 2021 along with distinguished architects and technical staff from Wipro.

I wrote a short tutorial on building a simple, native Kafka client using Web Sockets and ElectronJS, a few weeks ago. Please read it if you are interested.

My article on event-driven APIs talking about the need for a developer portal for events and making event-driven APIs a part of all reference architectures, published a few months ago. Please take a look at it if you are interested.

I have been hearing a lot about Citizen Integration from analyst reports and product vendors. I have, however, not seen any business analysts or business SMEs with the customers that I interacted with, try to build any integrations on their own.

I have also been hearing about ad-hoc integration which is in between citizen integration and specialized integration development. Again, all the noise on this is from the analysts and product vendors.

If any of you, are business analysts and building integrations as citizen integrators or have you seen your customer’s business SMEs do it, please let me know. Just curious to know if this is a real need or just another fad.

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Dânesh Hussain Zaki

Centrist, Software Consultant

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